Carol Indexes
Carols with a difference. Centuries old living tradition from communities in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


Hark to the bells on Christmas Day

From the church on the hill above
Telling the birth of our Saviour dear
With His message of truth and love

As the merry bells of Christmas
Ring their message sweet and gay
May you know true joy and gladness
On every Christmas Day

Born in a stable cold and bare
With a manger for His bed
Mary and shepherds on holy ground
In that lowly cattle shed

As the merry bells of Christmas….

Carols and choirs fill the air
With this wonderful song of peace
And there is joy on earth today
With our praise that that will never cease

As the merry bells of Christmas….

Glory to God and peace to men
Is the news our dear bells bring
Nations will worship on earth below
With this carol that Angels sing

As the merry bells of Christmas….