Carol Indexes
Carols with a difference. Centuries old living tradition from communities in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


Come all ye weary travellers,
Come let us join and sing
The everlasting praises
Of Jesus Christ, our King.
We've had a tedious journey, it is true but see how many dangers
The Lord hath brought us through.

At first when Jesus found us,
He called us unto him,
And he pointed out the dangers,
Of falling into sin;
The world, the flesh and Satan will prove to us a snare,
Except we do reject them,
By faith and humble prayer.

But by our disobedience, with sorow we confess,
We long have had to wander in that dark wilderness,
Where we might soon have fainted,
In that enchanted ground,
But now and then a cluster of pleasant grapes we found.